On your most special day…

…you need everything to be perfect…

You want every part of this day to mirror the love that you have for each other. You know that the attention you have given to each little detail of this celebration is a reflection of yourselves. Each facet adds to the impression your guests will take with them, and the cherished memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Which is why you have put so much care into the seemingly endless choices that a wedding involves… the officiant… the guests… the place… the flowers… the food… the decorations… the music…

…the music?

…The Music!

…and the choice of music reflects your commitment…

Music has the power to tug at our heartstrings. This power is unparalleled by any other form of human expression. The right music can either heighten the solemnity of the moment, or it can underscore the celebratory nature of your union.

In choosing the proper musical accompaniment to your wedding, you are presented with a bewildering array of possibilities. Whatever tone you wish to set for each part of your celebration, we are ready to translate your dreams into fruition.

HeartSongs by q music is a musicians’ collective with literally centuries of combined experience at setting the tone for numerous events.

Whether you would like classical string music to underscore the dignity of your event, a DJ and MC who will pace the entertainment of the reception, or a raucous dance band celebrating your passionate spirit, we are ready to help you create a mood that reflects the unique nature of your pairing.

…call on HeartSongs by q music to provide the right music for your blessed event.

Let us help you sort through your choices. We can assist you in creating the proper ambiance for:

  • background for seating
  • the processional
  • feature selection at the ceremony (“Your Song”)
  • incidental background
  • receiving line
  • the reception
  • bachelor/bachelorette party

Please call Joe today for assistance in planning the music for your Colorado Wedding – (970) 444-2327.

Or play with our comprehensive planning tools right here on our website. We have a number of resources to assist you in planning the flow of your blessed event, choose appropriate music for each phase of it, and keep your entire event organized. You can create your own password-protected subsite right here dedicated to your special day. Just select My Day to get started!

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