How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Song

Music has become one of the most important aspects of our lives today, and its importance is most observed during a wedding ceremony. Many couples will tell you that finding and choosing the perfect wedding song sets the tone for the rest of the event or their lives in general. However, before setting foot on the dance floor, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your final selections.

Be Lyric Conscious:

It is always important to know what the lyrics of your favorite song contain before deciding to dance to it. Do not be misled by the title of the song or its catchy chorus. For instance choosing a song like “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder might seem romantic at first and seemingly the perfect song for a groom to choose for his bride, however, the lyrics actually focus on infidelity and it is definitely not a song you’d choose to dance to on your wedding day. Try to choose songs with lyrics that are meaningful and deep or a song that speaks and summarizes your relationship to your guests. Some suggestions include Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” and Shania Twain’s “From this Moment On”.

Don’t be Afraid of the Classics:

If you’re more into the new or hip music, there’s nothing wrong with that, and there are many songs today that do have some romantic content especially if it’s a song that both of you really like. However, take the time to peruse some classic hits that are bound to bring a feeling of nostalgia especially to your older guests. You’d be surprised at how fitting some of the lyrics of these songs are to your special occasion. Some suggestions include Nat King Cole’s “When I Fall in Love” and Elvis Presley “My Wish Came True.”

Know Your Audience:

Nothing is worse than getting to the middle of the dance floor and blasting a rap song or lyrics with adult content that only you and your spouse enjoy but leaves the rest of the guests (or a majority of them) shaking their head in confusion or disgust. The last thing you want to see is parents covering their children’s ears or leaving the reception hall due to your poor music choice. If you must choose an unconventional song, then pick one with lyrics that speak to the occasion and celebrate your relationship. You can always dance to the more adult content when you are with your peers who can understand and share your interest.

Make it Memorable:

Choose a song that you both fell in love with. Is it the song you danced to for the first time? Was this the song playing when you laid eyes on each other? Or is it simply a song that you both enjoy at the end of a long day? Whatever the case, your song should represent you as a couple and should tell a story of your past and what you hope the future holds.

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