5 Bridal Trends for 2011

2011 is just around the corner, and with it, a whole new wedding season with fresh trends for brides. No one wants to be “so last year” on her wedding day, so take some time to get caught up on the latest styles for the new year. These top 5 bridal trends for 2011 will help get you off to a great start.

One: 1950s inspired wedding gowns. This trend started in 2010, and will be hotter than ever for 2011. Look for bridal gowns with natural waists, tulle skirts, and lace or bow embellishments. Symmetry is also back for wedding gowns in a big way. Veils are a must with the classic ’50s inspired gowns. A fun way to add a personal touch to this classic gowns is to wear custom bridal jewelry in a pale pink or blue color.

Two: Cover ups. Many designers are now showing coordinating cover ups to wear with their strapless wedding gowns. Whether it is a sheer beaded shrug, a fur wrap, or a lace bolero, 2011 brides will find that they have some lovely options for elegant cover ups. This is a wonderful thing for a cold weather bride, of course, and also a great option for a bride who wishes to make her strapless gown more conservative for a church ceremony. The cover up can be quickly removed for the reception, allowing for a fresh new party look.

Three: Polished hair and makeup. After several years of beachy bridal hair, the trend has swung back towards a more classic elegant look. Smooth chignons, braided buns, and other classic pulled-back hairstyles make a wonderful accompaniment to the 1950s gowns which are so popular for 2011. They give brides a sophisticated ladylike appearance which is absolutely gorgeous. Makeup will be equally polished for the next season. Think red lipstick, soft eye makeup, and of course a radiant bridal glow!

Four: Custom bridal jewelry. While the overall trend for 2011 is towards a classic 1950s sensibility, that does not mean that personalization is not still very popular. The clean lines of the 2011 bridal gowns are the perfect canvas for experimenting with unique custom bridal jewelry. Top option include wearing colored crystals or pearls instead of all white jewelry, layering necklaces, and mix and match necklaces and earrings. The customized look also makes it easy for a bride who is wearing family jewelry for her wedding to layer in some new pieces for a fresh take.

Five: Short bridal gowns. Virtually every designer now has a collection of knee length wedding gowns in their collection. For 2011, the short gown trend is stronger than ever. These cute little numbers are ideal for destination weddings, chic City Hall nuptials, and quirky or informal ceremonies. A short wedding gown is also a fantastic option for the bride who wants to have two wedding dresses. She can wear a traditional full gown for the ceremony and then slip into one of the cute short dresses to party at the reception. It is a great way to have the best of both worlds.

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