How To Have A Great Wedding On A Budget

Planning a small budget wedding is not as difficult to do as many people imagine. It just takes a little thought and some careful preparation. Give yourselves plenty of time. A year is ideal. This gives you plenty of time to shop around for the bargains that are out there.

Booking the venue needs to done as soon as you set the date. Venues get booked up very quickly, especially in spring and summer. But why not think about having a wedding out of season, say sometime between October and April when you can save as much as 30% on the cost of hiring a venue?

People such as wedding caterers, DJs, bands and photographers will usually offer a discount for off season weddings. Why not hire your wedding dress and your bridesmaid’s dresses? And what about the wedding cake? That can be a very expensive item. So why not buy some high street cakes and take them to a cake decorator for finishing? And what about your wedding car? There must be someone in your circle of friends who owns a lovely car. Ask them if they will do you the honour of dressing their car with ribbons and be your driver for the day.

As you can see, just by using these tips it is possible to have a great wedding on a small budget. It just takes a bit of work and determination and a bit of shopping around. And allowing your friends to rally round and help with your preparations gives your wedding the personal touch.

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