The 3 Essentials for The Perfect Grooms Speech

What are the three essentials for the perfect grooms speech?

Let me firstly say that the wedding day is not about you! The grooms speech is not about you. You should focus on the people who you don’t want to let down. The more you focus on these people the less self conscious you will be. The grooms wedding speech can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. It can be as humorous or as serious as your personality requires. You can find grooms speech ideas, grooms speech jokes, grooms speech examples, and who the grooms toast must include, but before all that you should consider the essentials. Remember this – you should focus on the people who you don’t want to let down.

Everyday, as you wake up, you should think of all the things you can be thankful for and on your wedding day this is especially true. You have so much to be thankful for and your wedding speech is your golden opportunity to express your thanks. This could be a once in a lifetime deal. To publicly express your appreciation. You can make your bride and both your families so proud of you.

The 3 Essentials Are:

  1. Thank your parents for bringing you up. Thank them for all their love, their support, their encouragement. Have you ever done this privately or publicly? Many people wait until their parents are in a coffin before they express their silent thanks. Now is your moment to thank them publicly and completely. (It can also serve as a signal to your bride that you have left your mother to join her. No more comments about how your mother used to do things!)
  2. Charm your In-Laws. This is your first major opportunity to show them what you’re made of. To demonstrate publicly that their daughter has made the right choice (in spite of what her mother may think). Win them over today, and this will smooth so many paths, and make your future together so much easier.
  3. Lastly and most importantly! Demonstrate publicly how much you love your new bride. Tell her how amazing she looks. Tell her how much you’re looking forward to spending your life with her. You can do so much to make your bride happy.

Yes, my friend, today isn’t about you at all it’s about your bride and your future together.

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